Monday, February 8, 2010

Natural Arthritis Relief Tips

As the world continues to evolve and become more modernized, the evolution of new diseases and conditions also seems to materialize. Human body has natural resistivity for some common diseases caused by external infections. But the human body cannot deny the diseases caused by its own. Arthritis is a common term to define the damages caused to the joints as well as muscles of the human body.

Biologists say that there are 206 bones and more than 250 bone joints in the human body. Arthritis can be caused to any of these joints. With the help of this surplus number of joints arthritis takes more than 100 forms. The common symptoms of any kind of arthritis include weight loss, fever due to pain, restlessness, Muscle pain, and difficulties to move bone joints. The person affected by arthritis also finds difficult to walk. This condition may occur to people of all ages and gender, but it is most common among older people and people who have the obesity. People who have the arthritis will feel a lot of pain in their knee joints, ankles, feet, hip and vertebral bone. The pain is caused due the inflammation in the joints affected by the arthritis infection, strain to the bones and muscles due to day-to-day work and also due to the weakness of body.

Many effective ways have been found to get relief from arthritis pain. The treatment options depend up on the type of arthritis. It is always a better idea to consult a physiotherapist or rheumatologist before pursuing any treatment. Some of the effective treatment methods include traditional and holistic medications, arthritis/inflammation reduction diets, normal exercises, relaxation and so on.

Some popular arthritis relief tips include herbs such as Feverfew leaves, Chapparal, Saffron, Yucca, Celery Seeds, Black Cohosh, Bogbean etc. In addition, there are also some other natural remedies for treating arthritis including garlic. You see, garlic contains an anti-inflammatory property that can greatly reduce inflammation due to arthritis. Garlic can be taken either in raw or cooked form. Some other natural arthritis tips include drinking potato juice or drinking essence of black sesame seeds soaked in the water. It is also believed that drinking water that has been stored in a container made of copper, on an empty stomach (in the early morning) will also be a useful. Lastly, juices of fresh green vegetables and juices of some fruits like pineapple or lime may also provide pain relief.

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